Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Stress is Stress, Nonetheless

     I've been so busy lately; which is to be expcected, with my wedding 3 months away, finals coming up and trying to buy a house. But the longer I go without writing, the more restless I become, wanting to spend a few hours--or even minutes, with the story I want to tell. Hopefully I'll have some of my inspiration left when things slow down again in the Fall, or maybe I should say "if", they slow down.
     For now though, I must settle for joting down a note or two here and there, while the majority of my energy and attention is focused elsewhere. I miss my characters-- creating them, shaping them, arguing with them in my own head. I'll get back to it, soon. And one day, hell, I may even finish the damn thing.
     Until then, I suppose...